Steal Life


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Product Type: Photography Artist:Camilla Glorioso

Product Description

Camilla Glorioso

MA Fashion Photography, London College of Fashion 2016

Digital Photography
Set of Six Pictures
Edition of 10
Each Print 10 x 15 cm on A4 

"Steal Life is a series of six photos born by mixing of two genres: self portrait and nature morte. The pictures portray a detail of my own body in a primly composed still life.

The aim is to bring the human anatomy closer to the static perfection of the objects next to it. Self portrait is fundamental in the creation of this project because the main motivation is to study myself as skin, bones and flesh. Therefore, my body tries to be part of perfection, assimilating the atmosphere of the pictorial genre. The research on the human being as a body is mainly connected to the theme of vanitas, proposed so frequently in the Italian and Flemish still life paintings of the XVIth century.

The title is a wordplay hinting at the double relationship between a detail of the body and the inanimated objects around it.

On one hand the body seems inanimated too, as if the composition could have stolen its vitality. On the other hand it brings an alien element to the frame, an element which is a the same human and alive."


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