"The artist is absent."


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Product Type: Painting Artist:Sylvia Batycka

Product Description

Sylvia Batycka

MFA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Art 2019

Oil on panel
150x75cm (unframed)

This earlier work (November 2018) has instigated series of work where I represent the absent wearer through their clothes, specifically dress/ dresses. The photograph of my closet, taken by myself, provided a visual reference for this painting. The painting it is the self-portrait that speaks of non-appearance and floating, nomadic existence, lack of an anchor and lack of a home. The attention has been given to visual representation of fabrics. This was done not through the photographically accurate detail yet rather through attempt to capture the essence of the textile in the matter of paint. This painting is also characterised by high contrast, which distinguish it from my earlier works."

Please note that this painting is on panel and as such it does not require framing (although it can be should you prefer this type of aesthetics).


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