Under Cover II


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Product Type: Painting Artist:Christopher Simpson

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Christopher Simpson

BA Painting, Camberwell College of Arts 2017

Oil on canvas
120 x 100 x 3cm

"Undercover is a series of paintings that occurred when I began to look at the colour blue, a very human colour, and one that does not exist in the natural world except in the form of Lapis Lazuli. So far as we know, up until very recently it only came from one source in the mountains of Afghanistan. As a painter I’m very interested in the history of its strong relationship to art and more precisely in Iconoclastic sculpture, to eventually its synthesising into paint. It found its way into Europe many thousands of years later to be controlled by the Catholic Church owing to its rarity and its weight in gold, until eventually becoming synthesized again in the modernist era, its very essence the focus by artists such as Yves Klein who took a closer look at its visual and mystical nature and said “What is blue? Blue is the invisible becoming visible...Blue has no dimensions. It ‘is’ beyond the dimensions of which other colours partake.”  I wanted to see how the ambiguous nature of the figure draped in blue would materialise into entities that reflected my thoughts and questions stemming from the existential research I was also undertaking which was a very dark place to go indeed"


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