untitled (rupture #1)


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Product Type: Photography Artist:James Bryant

Product Description

James Bryant

MA Photography, Central Saint Martins 2019

C-Type hand print
Edition of 3 + 1AP
20 x 24" (aluminium panel mounted, no actual frame)

"This photograph is the final document of an iconoclastic performance in which a wood and canvas rectangle is destroyed with a sledge hammer. The size of the photographic print is similar to actual size of the wooden rectangle and the decision to mount on aluminium, rather than present the photograph in a frame, is intended to enhance the feeling of realism within the image.

In the video untitled (rupture #1) a performative action was recorded where the artist is seen to be smashing through a hyperreal rectangle with a sledge hammer. Here the destruction is part physical and part imagination, it shows to the viewer the destruction of a dream however this dream was not visible during the performance itself. It exists between a purely performative and video space and merges virtual and actual in this way. There exists a parody of masculinity, and also perhaps the hero, in the strenuous and single-handed activity that ultimately serves no purpose other than of visual display. It is at once laughable and frightening in the feigned and real violence enacted".

“When you break statues you run the risk of becoming one yourself.” From the film “The Blood of a Poet” by Jean Cocteau"

The Frame with this work is mounting on an aluminium panel including a metal sub-frame for wall hanging. There is no "frame" edge. Please allow 20 working days for delivery. Please note that, as is the norm for limited edition works, prices will increase as an edition sells out.


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