Untitled (scratched off)


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Product Type: Painting Artist:Jarek Kubacki

Product Description

Jarek Kubacki

BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, 2021

acrylic on retro-reflective fabric
80 x 60cm (Unframed)

"What makes this work is form and process. The reflective fabric is evenly coated in multiple layers of paint, then carefully scratched and stretched, holding the memory of the process of its making."

Photographs show the work in two stages. The ‘dormant’ stage is a photograph with use of ambient (indirect) lighting. Second picture presents the work in its ‘activated’ stage, where the flash has been used to capture the way the fabric reflects the light. Painting is ever-changing, depending on the lighting conditions. The work is offered unframed, as the edges perform an important role in the way the painting is perceived.


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