Vanishing Point A and Vanishing Point B (Screen shot 4th March 2017)


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Product Type: Photography Artist:James Bryant

Product Description

James Bryant

MA Photography, Central Saint Martins 2019

Digital C-Type Print mounted on Aluminium
Diptych: Edition of 6 + 2AP (Edition numbers 1 & 2 are sold)
Ideal diptych display is 80 x 48 cm (Each individual panel is 36 x 48 cm)

"The images are created from screen shots taken on my phone. They show the convergence point of 3D imagery as viewed in a location mapping software and form a vanishing point where the digital world appears and disappears.

Although produced through the streams of everyday interactions, of trying to establish a location, the images are strikingly pertinent in depicting seams of the pixelated mesh that hovers overhead. What we seem to be examining are evidence of the joins of the illusion, tangible evidence, the invisible brought to its physical rendition".

“As such, the image is— to use yet another phrase of Walter Benjamin’s— without expression. It doesn’t represent reality. It is a fragment of the real world. It is a thing just like any other—a thing like you and me.” Hito Steyerl, The Wretched of the Screen, “A Thing Like You and Me"


The Frame with this work is mounting on an aluminium panel including a metal sub-frame for wall hanging. There is no "frame" edge. Please allow 20 working days for delivery. Please note that, as is the norm for limited edition works, prices will increase as an edition sells out.


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