sticky situation.


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Product Type: Illustration Artist:Oscar Ling-Cottey

Product Description

Oscar Ling-Cottey

BA Illustration & Visual Media - London College of Communication, 2023

Digital Drawing
Edition of 38
W 35 cm x H 50 cm (Unframed)
W 38cm x H 52cm x D 2cm (Framed)

"Ever accidentally stepped in gum? has Obdob. "Who is Obdob?" you might ask. Obdob is me; Obdob is you; Obdob is us. In that, Obdob reflects the everyday actions that may create an event that stands out as 'one bad day'. We have all had one of those, and that is what connects us and allows us to celebrate misfortune; to rejoice at the slapstick, or chuckle at the unfortunate soul who unlucky enough that today just is not their day".

Each print is signed and numbered in the bottom right corner on the front side. Shipping: Unframed prints will be protected in poly bags and shipped in mailing tubes.



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