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Made in Arts London is a not for profit enterprise originally founded by students, for students.

Made in Arts London launches a new collection annually, comprised of current students (at the time of application) curated by a changing panel of industry professionals.All applicants receive written feedback from their submission, regardless of whether they are selected or not. Artists and designers working in all media and disciplines are encouraged to apply, and successful applicants are awarded a two year tenure, with their work available to purchase online ( as well as at many events throughout the year.

In order to fully represent all of our artists, Made in Arts London participates in and organises a wide variety of events, exhibitions and fairs. Ranging from self-initiated exhibitions and design and illustration led pop-ups, to working in partnership with established markets such as Canopy Market in Kings Cross, to exhibiting annually at the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, there are opportunities available to everyone.

Alongside the sale and exhibiting of work, Made in Arts London provides free workshops, networking activities, one-to-one advice and targeted promotion for all our artists and designers. We also work alongside a range of external partners, providing further opportunities through mentoring initiatives, monetary and material bursaries, as well as being entered into exclusive competitions.



sell your work with Made in Arts London


Submissions for 2024 are currently paused

Made in Arts London has been running for 12 years and is currently under review to make sure it's current form is still fit for purpose. When running applications are open to all current UAL students (at time of deadline) studying any course at any of the six colleges.

The panel will meet within a month of the deadline and you will receive feedback no more than two weeks after the panel have met.

If you are successfully selected to be a Made in Arts London artist, you will be asked to attend a mandatory induction session.

*Please note: This opportunity will close once we reach 150 applications.


Terms and conditions

Made in Arts London is a non-exclusive selling agent and in the event of becoming a Made in Arts London artist you will be expect to sign an agreement accepting our terms and conditions.

Thank you for your interest in selling your work with Made in Arts London. If you have any questions regarding submitting your work please email or visit 'Your Art' on the Arts Students' Union website here.




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