Aliza Akbar

Aliza AkbarAliza Akbar

BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Print - London College of Fashion, 2023

Aliza Akbar is a Pakistani British-born artist based in London. With an upbringing in Glasgow and a strong Pakistani background, Akbar finds it imperative to include her culture within her work through all medias and scales to introduce experiences and lifestyles to those who are unknowing and to embrace the mingling and learning of different experiences.

The artist focuses heavily on daily emotions and life events, all of which mould and shape a person – from the lowest and darkest days to the most ecstatic. She allows viewers to go on a journey with her work, to connect and understand the feelings and events of others, which can be a rarity in an age when everyone is caught up in their own lives and strangers pass us by in a blur. It is important to pause and ponder on others in this world to keep in check with reality.

Akbar believes in creating art on topics that she feels strongly about, through the use of mixed-media painting, 3D sculpture and Mimaki printing onto fabrics to create textile designs. All of this allows her work to draw the viewer in, inviting them to create their own story and atmospheric interpretation from each of the artist’s pieces, and to go away inspired, thinking long after they leave the artwork.


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