Deepika Chumber

Deepika ChumberDeepika Chumber

BA Fine Art - Chelsea College of Art and Design, 2024

Deepika’s work revolves around merging different medias to create a new piece of mixed media artwork. She uses a lot of painting, sculpturing and photography to express her ideas of memory and life. She focuses on mixing sculpturing with painting to create 3D abstract patterns that allows the audience to experience the artwork beyond just sight by allowing the audience to touch the work. She also uses sound and light to help make the work more immersive by blending certain sounds like water and pulsing. She also focuses on using colour to invoke different emotions within the audience. A colour often used is red which has many connotations such as love, anger, danger, heat and passion.

Deepika’s themes usually evolve around memories and their relation to life, specifically the human experience. She focuses her artwork on the idea that both memories and life have no beginning and no end hence the various optical illusions created with pattern. She states that she wants her art to have a never-ending sense of life and experience.

Awards and residencies:

Winner - Barclays Art Competition 2023


Instagram: @deepikax_




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