Éliana Jiwa

Éliana JiwaÉliana Jiwa

BA Fine Art - Central Saint Martins, 2022

Éliana Jiwa is an Asian/East African artist, born and raised in England. Her work centres around themes of labour and rituals. Making works using process-based methodologies such as metalwork, soundscapes and silversmithing, Jiwa is keen to break down the line between fine art and design, allowing them both to become synonymous with one another and highlighting the significance of process and materiality. Through her jewellery work, Jiwa draws inspiration from her own personal style, making things she would naturally gravitate towards wearing, and ensures her work can be worn by all genders.

Inspired by the materiality of the mediums she works with, Jiwa’s jewellery works are sometimes predetermined or created in a more organic manner, looking at the shape of a block of wax and allowing it to determine what piece gets carved away, filed down or added back on. Utilising materials such as clay, silicone and epoxy resin within her art practice, Jiwa makes her jewellery, sculptures and sound pieces alongside one another, allowing each method to influence the next in process, colour, shape or texture. The parallels created between art and design within her work create a sense of familiarity within the pieces, often leading people to want to interact with the work in a more tactile manner.

Instagram: @elianajiwa_art


"I hope that my work resonates with people as a sentimental object. Something that evokes a memory or specific milestone in time that they can pass on to others. "



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