Hannah Pratt

Hannah PrattHannah Pratt

MA Art and Science – Central Saint Martins, 2019

Hannah’s practice sits between the subjects of art and science, finding new ways to link the two through collaborations and partnerships with artists and scientists. Working with creative practitioners – such as singers, musicians, and visual artists – helps to create a library of creative responses to contemporary astrophysical research.

Hannah’s particular interest lies in astronomy and how humans view the universe. She focuses on deep space spectroscopy, star cataloguing, star classification, and history of science. The nature of discovery often reoccurs in her work, specifically when looking behind the data and researching those responsible for life-changing discoveries. For instance, what the universe is comprised of, the sounds of stars, and the women responsible for the success of the Apollo missions.


Hannah’s work is influenced by her own research and her observations of the night sky. She uses a telescope to create graphic scores, large scale murals, prints, and paintings.

Instagram: @hannahprattartist


“I want my audience to be inspired to look deeper into scientific history and the voices that have been quashed by prejudice. I also want my audience to be transported by the musical performance that interprets the sounds of the cosmos.”



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