Cold Porridge

Cold PorridgeCold Porridge

BA Illustration and Visual Media - London College of Communication, 2024

Cold Porridge is the pseudonym of multidisciplinary artist Karen Maley, whose work focuses on social commentary from the perspective of her millennial, working class roots. Currently, themes include celebrity, technology and political issues with an added touch of dry wit. Cold Porridge frequently experiments with collage, enjoying the destruction of imagery and creating new narratives that drive conversations about various topics. For example, Force-Fed Celebs reflects the noticeable growth of TV celebrity travel programming during a cost of living crisis, and questions whether this is purely for the audience’s viewing pleasure or for the celebrities involved to enjoy an amazing free holiday.

Often drawing inspiration from her love of diverse music, Maley likes to play with aesthetics, selecting styles she feels suit the topic. As well as collage, the artist uses videography, sculpture and screen printing to express her ideas and is addicted to researching new methods. Once described as a ‘miserable child’, the use of the inexpressive baby portrait is a common element in the works, and portrays the air of despondency Maley feels living in the UK today.

Maley is consumed with creating bold, vibrant and humorous works to tell her story and, through Cold Porridge, will continue to spread the joys of disappointment across the country’s art fairs and galleries.

Awards and residencies:

Currently shortlisted- Win It! Aire Place Studios, (announces 1st Sept), 2023



Instagram: @itscoldporridge




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