Kate Shorey

Kate ShoreyKate Shorey

MA Fine Art - Central Saint Martins, 2023

Kate Shorey is a multi-disciplinary visual artist who recently graduated with her Master’s in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins with distinction, having also been awarded a scholarship by the University of the Arts London. She also has a BA in Photography from Falmouth University from where she graduated in 2017.

Her practice predominantly addresses the intrinsic link between societal and environmental issues, specifically the intersectionality of ecology, neurodiversity and queerness. Alternative and sustainable materials and processes are a key part of her practice. One of her ongoing projects, a series of cyanotypes, explores symbiosis and ecosystems.

This series aims to draw attention to the small but vital interactions that happen within our ecosystems every day that we are often oblivious to, yet are so important to our planet. Moss is added to the cyanotype along with other elements, such as soil and salt, which grows into salt crystals over the course of days. Micro-ecosystems resembling dystopian landscapes are formed, and the cyanotypes become alive – living and growing. Moss absorbs pollution and harmful particles from the air and is often the first life to grow after a forest fire, its existence enabling other life to return, playing a vital role in our ecosystems. As the sun rotates, UV light passes through the ecosystem, immortalising its growth and the interaction of its elements, thus making the elusive and ephemeral permanent in the resulting cyanotype.

Shorey also works as an arts educator and facilitator, and has been running creative courses and workshops for a range of organisations for the past six years, including art therapy sessions for the NHS. She has also participated in and contributed to a number of international participatory arts projects with schools and partner organisations from across Europe.



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