MiAL Alumni

MiAL Alumni is a program launched by Made in Arts London in January 2016.

The program encourages sustained ties between Made in Arts London and some of the most successful and hardworking graduates involved with MiAL. It also allows us to maintain our professional relationships developed with some of the artists and designers who have been most involved and successful during their time as a MiAL Artist.

These artists and designers are successful in their own right, and will be able to provide invaluable advice and guidance to MiAL Artists who are still students through mentorship opportunities.

By continuing their involvement with Made in Arts London, MiAL Alumni will also be able to continue building their networks, have their own input in supporting emerging artists and both MiAL and MiAL Alumni will be a part of their onward career journeys.

Current MiAL Alumni

Alex J Wood MiAL Alumni

Alex Wood

MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts 2013

Alex's work is currently exploring the significance of travel, with influences from many places including space, the East and British-ness. His work has evolved from a primarily ceramics based practice to one that merges many media into unified sculptures. They may combine bronze with wax or paper with bronze, creating juxtapositions in their form and narrative’s by mixing in lo-fi materials.

The viewer on encountering Alex's work may feel as if there is a catastrophe looming or a specific second of time has been captured, preserved forever. They may feel uneasy or may find humour in the absurdity of the choice of his materials.

Awards and Residencies:

The Patrick and Kelly Lynch Scholarship 2013, The Clifford Chance Sculpture Award 2013 & 2014 (shortlisted), Future Map 2014 (shortlisted), Tokyo Wonder Site (Japan) Resident Artist 2014 Camberwell College of Arts Artist in Residence 2014, Frieze Art Fair 2014


Alex Wood is Mentoring MiAL Artist Alice Aires


Bia Sanches MiAL Alumni

Bia Sanches

MA Graphic Design, London College of Communication 2013

Bia moved from Brazil to Europe looking to develop further her research on design and illustration. Currently based in London, her work consists of experimenting with handmade technics and processes, such as colour pencil, lettering and screen print. Shifting through different medias, she’s able to explore and give life to her characters and subjects. She finds inspiration in little details of everyday life that often go unnoticed, turning them into pieces set in a naive-like atmosphere.

Awards and Nominations 

ELCAF 2016 - Exhibitor (London), Pictoplasma Academy 2015 (Berlin), Artistic Residency of Tours  2015 - Colaborative artist invited (France), Jabuti Editorial Awards 2015 - Nominated (Brazil), AOI Awards - New talent Shortlist 2014 (London), Cannes Young Lions, UK team on print category 2013 (France), UAL LCC MA Scholarship 2012 (London) 


Bia Sanchez is Mentoring MiAL Artist Catalina Velásquez


Camilla Brueton MiAL Alumni

Camilla Brueton

MA Drawing, Wimbledon College of Arts 2014

Camilla Brueton is interested in the relationship between people, infrastructure, architecture and place. She is drawn to linger in locations that most people pass through quickly, often without a second thought. These are places that could be seen to be ‘non-places’ (Marc Augé, 1995). Whilst the term ‘non-place’ could be understood to be a negative, Brueton doesn't share this view. Instead she views these sites as being symptomatic of our time; having been shaped by the advancement of technology, political policy and use.Camilla began her exploration into ‘non-places’ by examining Clapham Junction station. Clapham Junction is Europe’s busiest interchange station. For more passengers than any other station, it is neither a start nor an end point, it is not a destination but somewhere that facilitates their passage to somewhere else. She became interested in what happens if you stop to consider a place like Clapham Junction and how is it authored.

Her process involves archival research, photography, exploring history through conversation and occasionally toying with nostalgia. She uses drawing as a method for reflecting on the built environment, and the hopes and aspirations contained within it



Chloe Hope King MiAL Alumni

Chloe Hope King

BA Fashion Contour, London College of Fashion 2012

Chloe's experimental style and approach saw her naturally thrive in her time at LCF and she gained a range of new techniques have allowed her to develop her jewellery and style towards launching her own brand 'Esoteric London'.

Chloe’s brand creates collections that allow their customers to make a statement and stand out. All pieces are handmade in her London studio, constructed from carefully selected fabrics and high quality materials. Chloe utilizes laser cutting in the majority of her work, she enjoys being able to create one of a kind pieces and relishes the challenge of combining materials and techniques to create a unique product.

Her current collection is inspired by geometric, art deco shapes as well as Nasa galaxy and nebulae photography.

Awards and Nominations 

Triumph Inspiration Awards UK 2011 (Runner Up), Debenhams Lingerie Competition 2010 (Runner Up), UAL Seed Fund 2014 (winner) O2 Think Bigger 2014 (winner)



Esther Ellard MiAL Alumni

Esther Ellard

BA Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins 2013

Esther is inspired by the idea of ‘the everyday’, seemingly mundane objects that when considered on their own, actually have quite a lot of personal importance and nostalgia. Esther uses tape as a medium because of its simplicity. It has a set width, colour and pattern and she uses this as a building block to craft something new – a lot of ordinary things brought together to make something extraordinary. It was Esther's striking tape pieces that first caused MiAL to collaborate with her for the October exhibition 'Process in Exile' where she created an in-house installation as well as designs for the poster and press release.

These are abstract works, apparently uncomplicated but full of detail, subtlety and coincidence, and may be seen differently by each viewer. They don’t dictate how they might be looked at and allow the viewer to take from them what they will. They are not ‘of’ anything, although objects and spaces seem to be hinted at, and patterns emerge. Esther has turned her unique definitive style to many mediums, having also made 3D paper sculptures for GQ Magazine, and recently completed a commission to paint a large scale exterior wall mural for Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross.



Monica Alcazar-Duarte MiAL Alumni

Monica Alcazar-Duarte

MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, London College of Communication 2014

Monica was born in Mexico, living half of her adult life in the U.K. Her work explores the immense possibilities offered by interactivity, and its capacity to form meaning and shared intellectual and visceral understanding. She works primarily with photography, but also uses installation, film, animation, performance and augmented/virtual reality. Her interests lie with the ethics and philosophy of image making, the tension between image, text, issues of context and interpretation. She regularly collaborates with scientists and academics and explores the use of scientific equipment as a creative tool.

She now produces work that is interactive, installations that physically require the audience to interact with her images. She often embeds them with extra layers of information presented as animations, video and audio.

Monica’s first book, “Your Photos Could Be Used by Drug Dealers” was acquired in 2014 for the artist book collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Yale University Gallery and the Joan Flasch Collection at the Arts Institute of Chicago.

Awards and Nominations:

Recipient of the Mead Fellowship in 2016, she recently has been awarded the Photographers Gallery Bar-Tur Photography Award in order to publish a photobook on her latest work.



Olga Krasanova MiAL Alumni

Olga Krasanova

BA Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins 2011

Olga is fascinated by the everyday, human’s lives and their stories. Her works often come from stories of real people or events, or from inside her, expressed through her constant drawing and doodling. Her works evoke emotion and memory, and trigger the imagination of the viewer.

Olga loves the process of printmaking, getting her hands dirty, the smell of ink, the combination of colours to the excitement of the first prove. It constantly inspires her to experiment more and to produce a quality work that makes her proud.

Awards and Residencies:

Futurerising Creative 2014, Mother Art Direction / Photography 2013.



Olly Fathers MiAL Alumni

Olly Fathers

BA Fine Art: Painting, Wimbledon College of Art 2010

Olly’s primary art practice is based around our interaction with urban space around us. He is interested in geometric forms and architecture and how they help us perceive and direct our position in space. His practice recreates these landscapes in a simple three-dimensional form. The paint drips represent flow, movement and interaction with this space.

His paintings are clean, sharp and minimal to emphasise the geometric form and flow of a somewhat idealistic aesthetic, as opposed to the messiness of everyday reality. Although trying to roughly plan what route the drips will take, there are a variety of factors which can make the paint act in unexpected ways, allowing the paint a mind of its own.

The three-dimensional paintings represent only one form of the journey through the landscape.  Once the drips have made the pathways, he takes photographs at different angles and compositions to capture ‘street-views’ of the landscapes. These are then used as reference to create two-dimensional paintings and prints.

Awards and Nominations:

Angleika Art Prize, 2013, Royal College of Art Student Select Show 2008, Candid Arts Berlin 2012.


Olly Fathers is Mentoring MiAL Artist Alejandro Escobar


Robbie Porter MiAL Alumni

Robbie Porter

BA Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2013

Robbie's voice shines through clearly in his work with his comical way of looking at the world. His work stems purely from his imagination, ideas pop into his head and he turns these into uniquely recognisable illustration with quirky and creatively fun attitude.

Robbie enjoys the immediacy of drawing and getting his ideas onto paper, however he also enjoys developing his work on a computer, where he can edit and perfect the piece to achieve the final result.

Robbie enjoys work that has a concept behind it and that is communicated interestingly and has created work for an impressive client list including The New York Times, New Scientist Magazine and The National Museums of Scotland, as well as album covers and a full length graphic novel entitled 'The Librarian's List'.


Robbie Porter is Mentoring MiAL Artist Helen Lieu


Sarah Fortais MiAL Alumni

Sarah Fortais

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2013

Sarah Fortais has a fascinating background, before becoming an artist she studied for two years to become a plastic surgeon. However she changed her mind and in 2011 began her MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. She is now working towards her PhD. Sarah describes her work as a process of collecting, observing, dissecting, and building in order to explore how something works or is experienced. Primarily installation, music and science are common themes in her work.

Sarah likes to take objects apart, as she believes that insides of things are beautiful. She also doesn't think it’s fair for people to come to the gallery and just watch her have fun so she tries to give people the experience that she would most enjoy, meaning that a lot of her work interacts with it's viewer in some way. Much of Sarah's work revolves around 3D pieces, even when studying painting Sarah often found herself developing her work into 3D objects, and it's her endless curiosity that drives her to create these exciting new works.

Awards and Nominations:

Signature Art Prize 2015 (longlisted), Catlin Prize 2014 (shortlisted), Catlin Guide 2014, Nova Award, Lowe & Partners 2014 (shortlisted), UAL White Square Award 2013, People’s Choice Award, Rotaryfest 2011, Annual Juried Exhibition 2010


Sarah Fortais is Mentoring MiAL Artist James Rogers