Weronika Przysada

Weronika PrzysadaWeronika Przysada

MA Performance Design and Practice - Central Saint Martins, 2023

Weronika Przysada is a generally confused being. She is a transdisciplinary artist and a philosophy student. Although trained in the performative arts, she traverses diverse mediums, channelling themes into poetry, illustration and polemics.

Her theatrical work emerges from research into topics in philosophy, which are then transmuted onto the stage through storytelling technologies. In contrast, illustration is a way to decompress, switch off the cerebral functions and let the body, and the subconscious, speak. This is where she no longer researches, writes and critiques. This is a resting place. The illustrations often start as unplanned freehand sketches. They take shape as the hand follows immediate associations, evolving and changing direction along the way. Recently Przysada discovered this meditative quality within the practice of bookmaking and this collection is an attempt to marry these two techniques and create unique, handmade stationery.

The collection takes its name from the pituitary gland, a part of the brain that regulates hormonal processes. This creative practice serves as a tool to enter a meditative state, free from daily worries, and to regain control over her emotions. She upholds her distinctive drawing style, characterised by the use of fine lines on paper. Following the completion of the primary illustration, she ventures into digital design elements to explore diverse artistic mediums.

Currently, Przysada is pursuing a degree in philosophy, continuing to work in theatrical environments and resting by way of illustrating and bookmaking. In her spare time, she likes to read, pretend she enjoys yoga and emphasise that she is a generally confused being.

Awards and residencies:

The Perfect Fit, published in Phi Mag, ‘Body’ Issue, December 2022



Instagram: @pituitary_gl


“This is where she no longer researches, writes and critiques. This is a resting place.”



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