Yueming Geng

Yueming GengYueming Geng

MA Fine Art - Central Saint Martins, 2022

Yueming Geng is an artist who paints, writes screenplays and creates moving images. She is interested in using different art forms to express the same feeling, and in the working pattern in which words, pictures and music are mixed.

For example, The Tower is a work with a cyberpunk plot setting that comprises surrealist painting and text. It was produced through a creative method in which painting and text affect each other; some novel plots are expanded on based on the painting. The narrative is set in the future, where God has given mankind a tower to avert disaster, but the tower could not accommodate everyone. Therefore, the government implemented a policy whereby only those who have contributed or could potentially contribute to society can enter the tower. The work explores the oppositions and contradictions in human nature that lead to the existence of social classes and the cycle of social laws.

In The Tower, Yueming Geng has tried to create a stronger and more immersive atmosphere, to map the undercurrents of the human inner world, it ups and downs. In The Pink Desert, the tree of life has become a striking contrast between black and white. The grand desert makes people feel dead and open like a wilderness. The blood-coloured sky fills the heart with pain. The heaviness of death is only a natural law against the backdrop of the grand life, and the death of an individual is only a drop in the ocean. The cycle of life is endless.

In contrast, Geng has used calm blue tones to buffer the explosiveness of this red-toned painting. Blue and red appear alternately in this story. Just like the laws of nature, the cycles of social laws go back and forth; outbursts are intertwined with silences, awakenings and confusions. The alternation of the two promotes the direction of things and pushes the story to a climax.

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"I hope that my works can make people feel at the intersection of reality and dreams. It can make people stare at the abyss on the flat ground, and it can also pull people from the low to the high. Put people's minds in the vast vastness of smoke and waves, the river of time and space in the torrent. "



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